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B2B Tailor-Made Creations
We also develop customized soft goods (fabric, plush)

  • gifts
  • promotional items
  • Private productions

One of our new projects is:

The story
The tough adolescent Pepin, the clever Eefie, Joost and little Nina techie experience another hilarious adventure in the hotel of their parents. It seems to be haunted. It disappears eat, Grandma \ 's expensive ring is stolen and a girl in the class of Pepin's missing. As a distinguished baron is staying and their grandma gets butterflies in her stomach, like the chaos. But the Gang Gang would not be, if they could not solve!  The gang of the family musical The Korenwolf - The Secret of the kissing guests, will premiere on October 5 in DeLaMar theater.

 So we have for these companies have developed various projects;